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Purobeach Vol. 2 2006 (2CD)

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Purobeach Volume 2

Artista : A/V
Numero di cd : 2CD..
Uscita: 06/07/2006
Genre : downtempo,chill out
Label : Seamless

We’ve struggled bravely to get up before midday. The sun tut tuts around the edge of the curtains and our conscious but we’re on holiday. PuroBeach beckons, the only beach club on the beautiful azure curve that is Palma Bay. The sun races silver across the gentle waves, the breeze has the palms chattering. A few of the white and gold sun loungers surrounding the pool are already occupied. Probably the morning’s fit yoga crowd taking some more time out or a visitor to the spa just chilling. But no matter, as guests at PuroBeach’s sister hotel, Puro Oasis Urbano we are VIP’d and assured of prime positioning. Minor celeb status has already been achieved on arrival by the hotel’s Hummer shuttle.

The hotel is a luxurious and laid-back mix of interiors – bohemian Bali meets rustic Rajasthan. Acres of white surround shaded courtyards; a respite from the bustle of the old town outside. Personalised touches from owner Mats Wahlström’s extensive travels abound. Detailed woodcarvings and hand worked silver. Embroidered silk and velvet cushions. Clouds of white feathers. Acres of cooling dark slate in the spa-like bathrooms.

PuroBeach, a few minutes across town, is an extension of this mood. A sanctuary of calm on a small promontory, surrounded on three sides by the lapping Med. The ice tinkles in your glass as you look out through the organza curtains that shimmy at the edge of the Art Deco lounge. Across the white decking, beauties take the chance to eye up the competition behind the shade of their Tom Ford’s. A splash at the pool, the water laps up at the smooth pebbled edge.


Disc: 1
1. Lenell Brown 'Relax To The Max (Chill mix) (Royal Plastic Lounge)
2. Baul Dimension 'Sonargaon' (Adequat Music)
3. Jake Childs 'Forgotten' (OM Records)
4. Jeff Bennett's Lounge Experience 'I Am' (Deeplay Music)
5. Lovers Lane 'Island Memories (Original mix)' (Ambient Domain Productions)
6. El Kado 'Caravane (Lezzi Baba remix)' (Adequat Music)
7. Vanessa Daou 'Passed' (Kid Recordings)
8. Jafrosax 'Rollin' (Pantone Music)
9. Peter Daou 'Seventh Space' (Kid Recordings)
10. Dalminjo 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' (Deeplay)
11. Numaro 'Basic' (Seamless Recordings)
12. Akisy 'My Love From Recife' (Seamless Recordings)
13. Ikon 'Calling You' (Jalapeno Records)

Disc: 2
1. Ananda Project 'Secrets (Chris Brann's Convert Re-Dub)' (Nite Grooves)
2. Demarkus Lewis 'Dance The Night Away' (Grab Recordings)
3. Marlon D feat. Daneel 'Taste (UC Thump mix)' (NY Soul Recordings)
4. Johnny Fiasco & Dizzy 'Denver Blue (Fiasco remix)' (Lowdown Music)
5. AtJazz 'It's Complete (Fred's Complete Vocal mix)' (Mantis Recordings)
6. Fred Everything 'Soulmates (Original mix)' (OM Records)
7. Chuck Love 'Set Me Free (Deep Vocal mix)' (Vista Recordings)
8. Spirit Catcher 'Never Before (Original mix)' (Silver Network)
9. Christian Alvarez 'Buscando (Richard Earnshaw remix)' (One 51 Recordings)
10. Spiritchaser 'Visions' (Guess Records)
11. Ross Couch 'Got To Be Right' (Seamless Recordings)
Purobeach Vol. 2 2006 (2CD)
Purobeach Vol. 2 2006 (2CD) Sale price$39.00 USD