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Loui Jover - T-Shirt Deconstructed Frida

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We have always been fascinated by the genius of great artists: the elusive source of creativity that enables them to produce something transcendent. We would love to know what was going on inside the minds of Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, or Andy Warhol. What would their thoughts look like, and how did they come up with ideas to develop into their unforgettable works? Celebrated artist Loui Jover visualizes this enamored speculation in the collages from his Deconstructed series. He cracks open the heads of Warhol, Kahlo, and Dalí to transform their creative impulses into thrilling shapes and figures.

Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol are shown in black-and-white photographs augmented with surprisingly colorful elements. These piece instantly arouse our curiosity and demand closer inspection. Planets, butterflies, and all sorts of geometric shapes emerges from the famous figures’ compartmentalized heads. Trees grow skyward, intricate networks of thoughts that will soon bear creative fruit. A wave grows out of Salvador DalÍ’s head, and his left eye protrudes as though it wants to take the world under the microscope. His artistic curiosity is realized in the form of colorful diagrams emerging from his head. The combination of cut up photographs and painting sparks the viewer’s imagination. It is remarkable that, although the compositions seem so fragmented at first, the balance of color and textures results in a harmonic whole.

About the Artist

Born in 1967 in what was then known as Yugoslavia, artist Loui Jover is extremely creative and loves to experiment. In his works, he uses a wide range of different materials and techniques to establish new means of expression. This entails blazing new trails that astonish and astound his contemporaries. He likes to work with used sheets of paper, which he assembles into a single, large canvas, on which he paints in inks, oils, and gouache. Sometimes, he uses pages from books in a fusion of text, painting, and collage. Jover also incorporates photography into his art, making it his own through his painting.

Like many people, Jover first began to paint at an early age. Unlike most people, however, he never stopped. He painted and painted, the brushes and paints accompanying him through every phase of life. During his stint in the Australian army, he worked as an illustrator and photographer. This was his first step toward becoming a professional artist. Today, Loui Jover is an internationally renowned and in-demand artist whose creativity is very highly regarded around the world.

Loui Jover - T-Shirt Deconstructed Frida
Loui Jover - T-Shirt Deconstructed Frida Sale price$34.00 USD