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Hotel Costes Vol. 7 2004 (1CD)

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Hotel Costes, Vol. 7

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 1CD..mixed by Stéphane Pompougnac
Uscita: 26 Settembre 2004
Genere: lounge
Label: Pschent

As this is the 7th release in the Hotel Costes series, you might think you know what to expect from DJ Stephane Pompougnac's turntables. But 2003's Hotel Costes 6 provided a dose of the dark and unexpected, a trend which happily continues on Costes 7.

The usual oh-so-classy, jazz-tinged dance fare, driven into the ground by a thousand downtempo DJs, hasn't been totally expunged. But grittier tracks and a deeper commitment to a thumping beat make for a sound that's not so easy to ignore.

Minor chords and heavy basslines from songs like Dolphin Boy's "Don't Stop (Dublex Inc Remix)" along with memorable contributions from Mark Rae and Mo' Horizons ensure this record won't fade into the background like another layer of cocktail party décor.

The further Pompougnac gets from the swanky, but sterile hotel lobby, the better it is for listeners who prefer dancing over lounging.