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Cafè del Mar Vol. 7 - 2000 (1CD)

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Cafè del Mar Vol. 7
Artista : A/V
Numero di cd : 1CD..
Uscita: 25 luglio 2000
Genre : ambient,chill out
Label : Cafè del Mar

The Cafe del Mar series of compilations is inspired by a cafe of the same name in Ibiza, centered around sunset watching, and also, like much of Ibiza, club music.

The ambient music on these anthologies is designed to complement sunset watching, and the collections have thereby become renowned as repositories of "chill out" music; it's even been reported that Madonna counts these among her favorite records. Bush (represented by a N.O.W. remix of "Letting the Cables Sleep") and Moby (with "Whispering Wind") are the only names likely to be recognized by most listeners of this volume, which was assembled by Bruno, a DJ at Cafe Del Mar itself. It's jet-set music with class or, to be harsher, music for members of the leisure class who can afford to while away their hours at such expensive resorts, but want their sultry electronica-cum-Muzak with a tinge of hip artiness.

It's only a tinge; it's relaxing but slick ambient music (some vocal, some instrumental), the arrangements' electronics and synths sometimes colored by Mediterranean or South American-sounding guitars and melodies. It's easy to picture this as the soundtrack to holiday romance films in which young, rich, and beautiful couples, such as the one pictured on the sleeve, begin affairs on a spectacularly lit beach at dusk.

The rest of us just have to put this on in the kitchen while we heat our soup and sulk with envy.


1. Northern Lights - Lux
2. Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix) - Afterlife
3. Whispering Wind - Moby
4. Easy Rider - Deep & Wide
5. Letting The Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Remix) - Bush
6. Sunbeams - UKO
7. Winter Pagent - Aromabar
8. Beautiful Strange - Bedrock
9. One More Try - A New Funky Generation
10. Swollen - Bent
11. 68 Moves - Underwolves
12. Cahuita - Oystein Sevag & Lakki Patey
13. Riva - Slow. Pulse
Cafè del Mar Vol. 7 - 2000 (1CD)
Cafè del Mar Vol. 7 - 2000 (1CD) Sale price$25.00 USD