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Boost 350 Shoe Box Premium AirPods Pro Case Shock Proof Cover

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Boost 350 Shoe Box Premium AirPods Pro Case Shock Proof Cover

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Our Custom designed Shoebox Airpod case the airpod stays in a brand new condition and fits snugly over the entire AirPod case without adding bulk. The soft microfiber lining on the inside helps protect your AirPods. And on the outside, the silky, soft-touch finish of the plastic exterior feels great in your hand.

Meant to look great, keep your Airpods secure, and add a touch of personal style.

Our premium custom Airpod case is available for Airpods releases: 1st generation, 2nd generation.

Limited stock! ?

  • Defend both your Apple AirPods and the charging case they come in from daily wear and tear, and look great doing it.

  • Our protective case is perfect for travel protection.

  • The case and AirPods will continue to work just like normal.

  • Supports wireless charging.

  • Protect your Airpods case from scratches and external impacts.

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