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Purobeach Vol. 1 2005 (2CD)

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Purobeach Volumen Uno

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 2CD...
Uscita: 22 Marzo 2005
Genere: Lounge, deep house
Label: Seamless Recording

Leading bargrooves DJ Ben Sowton begins this compilation as Purobeach does its day: A deeply relaxing soundscape awash with soothing beats and unwinding melodies. Expertly selected, this bespoke mix perfectly compliments the poolside calm of Purobeach’s Mediterranean setting - a refined blend of tracks purpose made for such designer slacking.

Amongst them, music from one of The Netherlands’ foremost downtempo producers: Alex Cortiz. If the UK has the likes of Nightmares On Wax; France has Air; Austria has Kruder & Dorfmeister; then Holland has Mr Cortiz. The aforementioned Austrian, Richard Dorfmeister, also makes his mark on disc one clad in his Tosca robes: ‘Chocolate Elvis’ was a mid-‘90s underground hit championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson. Here it appears in its slick Boozoo Bajou Soul Sufferer form.

Seamless Recording’s own Soularis also gets a reworking from contemporary funk band Crazy P. Having formed whilst at Nottingham University and then signed to Manchester’s now sadly defunkt Paper Recordings, Jim Baron and Chris Todd have taken their unique sound across the globe. Their nice and slow mix of ‘Freeway’ shows they are still very much in tune with a good groove. Another Nottingham alliance in the form of dance music’s true mavericks Nail Tolliday and Simon Mills, aka Bent, makes its presence felt with ‘Exercise 4’: A glorious lesson in how to make chill out music interesting and fun.

Meanwhile disc two - ‘noche’ - finds resident spinner Fabian Wetzel whip up a hedonistic session tailor-made for dancing beneath the stars a la PuroBeach. With selections from San Francisco’s Miguel Migs and the respected Naked Music imprint, to name but a few, this mix does lend itself to a buzzing West Coast feel.

Taking away a piece of the ambience of Purobeach with this compilation, you are left with the sense that you have been privy to a very special secret: The secret of integrating dazzling music with a sublime setting.
Purobeach Vol. 1 2005 (2CD)
Purobeach Vol. 1 2005 (2CD) Prezzo scontato€45,00 EUR