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Buddha Bar Vol.14 - 2012 (2CD)

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Buddha Bar Vol. 14

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 2CD...
Uscita: 16 Giugno 2012
Genere: Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge
Label: George V France

India, beyond its colorful landscapes, vibrates to the rhythms of its two passions: music and cinema. Bright colors, upbeat music and intense rhythms unite together and celebrate the richness of these two arts.

This is how the spirit of Indian folklore reigns supreme in this 14th opus of the Buddha-Bar music collection, mixed by Ravin over the course of tracks, this new opus tells a story where charm and passion get intertwined in the ever- thrilling universe of Indian dreams. A richness of feelings without ambiguity reflected in always more subtle and euphoric sounds.

With Buddha-Bar XIV, Ravin goes beyond Bollywood music with an explosion of sounds and radiant colors that is reminiscent of the atmosphere of traditional Indian weddings. A must add to your Buddha-Bar collection.

On the first cd, Dhimsa, a colorful ambience is masterly and elegantly infused. You will discover true music gems such as “devil’s eyes » from Ahilea feat. Bella Wagner and “fairytales” from Cayetano.

The second cd, bhangra, hipper than ever, features a chic, spicy and bold atmosphere with tracks such as “losing myself feat Dhrithi” from Vinayak a or even “i grieve for spring” from Gorins.

As always, Ravin excels in the art of stirring the listeners to the beat of his thrilling mixes.
Buddha-Bar xiv rises above the general Bollywood music genre with an explosion of sounds and radiant colors that is reminiscent of the atmosphere of traditional Indian weddings.


1. Thor - Dari Lullaby (4:20)
2. Carlos Campos - Romance in Klotild Palace (4:37)
3. PrOmid - Far Away (feat. Omid Mahramzadeh) (4:24)
4. Ambray - Brahma (3:48)
5. ShiftZ - Ahwak (feat. Hiba El Mansouri) (2:38)
6. Kohib - Hear This (4:35)
7. Soulavenue - Different (SoulAvenue's Boddhisattva Blues) (4:38)
8. Cayetano - Fairytales (4:02)
9. Duke B - The Truth (3:57)
10. Eric Fernandez - Cada Dia (4:21)
11. Pravana - Uluwatu (Amanaska Remix) (4:48)
12. Zoohacker - Tilinko (5:36)
13. Paolo Rossini - Floating to The Sun (4:50)
14. Ahilea - Devil’s Eyes (feat. Bella Wagner) (4:14)
15. Ronny Morris - All About Love Ganga Mix (4:58)
16. Pierre Ravan - Nostalgia (Emotional Lounge Mix) (6:55)
17. 22Rockets - Umma (9:34)
18. Rosa Lux - Min Klub Forst (feat. Alberte & Josefine Winding) (3:47)
19. Nora En Pure - Saltwater (4:47)
20. Juliet Sikora - Shanti (5:15)
21. Nacho Sotomayor - Return to Mykonos (PrOmid Remix) (5:56)
22. Mikael Simpson - Inden Du Falder I Sovn (Lulu Rouge Remix) (4:51)
23. Sugar House - Desire (feat. Marieke Meijer) (6:57)
24. Vinayak A - Losing Myself (Alexey Sonar Remix) (5:32)
25. Denis Dallan - Liberta’ (5:26)
26. Pink Noisy - Litanie des Saints (3:23)
27. Sasha Dith - Bollywood (Saxo.Club Mix) (4:48)
28. Alex Barattini - Let Me Kiss You (5:09)
29. Sezer Uysal - Baku (Dinka Remix) (6:38)
30. Gorins - I Grieve for Spring (feat. Shena) (7:15)
Buddha Bar Vol.14 - 2012 (2CD)
Buddha Bar Vol.14 - 2012 (2CD) Prezzo scontato€38,00 EUR