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Banksy Girl Frisking Soldier t-shirt

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Banksy Girl Frisking Soldier t-shirt

Image, created by Banksy in 2007 and located on the West Wall of Bethlehem, subverts expectations. The soldier is being frisked by a little girl, rather than the other way around. It is impossible not to realize that the reverse of this image is a more realistic occurrence in Palestine. Banksy manages to portray a controversial idea, children being persecuted, without showing the image of the girl being frisked. Additionally, the image shows how people dehumanize one another, by viewing each other only as threats. As Koensler and Papa write, “Palestine is now the biggest open-air prison of the world” (13). This image demonstrates the limited freedom of Palestinians with role reversal, confronting the audience with a disturbing image of child as persecutor.

As with “The Petrol Bomber” and “The Death of Innocence,” a child is being used to symbolize innocence and vulnerability. The girl even has braided hair, representing youthful innocence, and her pink dress contrasts with the olive green uniform of the soldier. The gun lying next her represents violence and aggression.
Banksy Girl Frisking Soldier t-shirt
Banksy Girl Frisking Soldier t-shirt Prezzo scontato€30,00 EUR