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What’s in the box?

Let’s start with a box it is packed in a rectangular box which is written with “Supreme Ca$h Cannon” on the side along with the picture of money gun on the top. After unboxing you’ll get a red color gun which is wrapped in a bubble sheet and some fake cash for practice shooting. Yeah! Bubble wraps are fun to pop.

How it works

The official version of supreme use D Batteries which are like blocks while the unofficial version which exactly looks like the official one uses two AA batteries. And once the batteries are in it make a sound like roaring on pushing the trigger.

There is a lid on the top of the gun which is somewhat difficult to open and once you open the lid you’ll see a hollow box where all the money sits. When you see the front you’ll see a horizontal opening and there is small metal which shoots the bills out when you push the trigger.

For the first test run go ahead and put the money inside the gun which is included in the box. Don’t worry the money is fake and just included for the test run or practice.

It is suggested not to add more than 20 to 30 bills at a time, otherwise, it may get stuck in the small opening or pops out a deck of notes instead of popping one at a time. That is a little downside of this product is supposed to be a flexible piece. Although, I personally don’t like the amount it shoots at a time it may get the job done pretty effectively. When there is much money the lid remains up and when it is empty it’ll move all the way down.