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Purobeach Vol. 5 2009 (2CD)

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Purobeach Vol. 5

Artista : A/V
Numero di cd: 2CD..mixed
Uscita: 15 luglio 2009
Genere: Balearic/Deep House
Label: Seamless

Yes it’s that time of year again – we ready for our annual installment of Purobeach – the collection that seamless bridges the gap between chilled electronica and deep house, a double CD that delivers on every level. The compilation draws on some of the Seamless home grown talent along with tracks and mixes from the worlds’ greatest producers of chilled grooves and deep house.

We have compiled another first class selection of chilled grooves and luscious deep house for you to loose yourself in. CD one is the a blend of ambient vibes fused with some gentle house and more psychedelic, dreamy soundscapes, ideal for long hot afternoons spent lazing around the pool at one of the Purobeach clubs. We have some great new signings to the Seamless label which you can here on this album. Ranu Raruka with a very hypnotic blend of ambient electronica goes perfectly with the techier edged sounds from Xplore through to the soft delicious vocals of Kyla Sexton signing on Soulbasic’s track Out of
Time. I have to mention Chris Coco here as we could have filled the album with tracks from his new album City Reverb, we have gone for two instead, My Beach House and Fizz which epitomise summer. The remainder of the CD gels together seamlessly (as you would expect from one of our releases!)

Onto CD Two, Noche. I am pleased to say this is back to the original vibe of Purobeach Volumen Uno, one of the best deep house mixes I have heard and this is no exception. Boris, the resident DJ at the Puro Hotel in Palma digs deep into his collection and pulls out some inspired tracks from some of the world’s finest producers. No Balearic inspired mix could be without Kiko Navarro and his track Sonando Contigo is pure
heaven, a dreamy deep house. Other notable producers are Julien Jabre and Ralf Gum both with luscious baselines and great melody. This CD takes on a deep house trip layered with great vocals and harmony alongside bass lines which get you off your sun bed jumping round the pool...

So kick back and relax to the sounds that make Puro such a fantastic experience.


Disc: 1
1. Ranu Raruka - Spice Train Original Mix (Seamless Recordings)
2. Bardo State - This Is Not America 'Out Of character Remix' (United Recordings)
3. Steeb Thottrup - Heading For The Sunrise (Ibizarre Records)
4. Xplore - Febee - Lotus (Seamless Recordings)
5. Matthias Heilbron Ft Inaya Day - Heaven Xplore Mix (Seamless Recordings)
6. Ranu Raruka - Purple Emperor (Seamless Recordings)
7. Massivan - Wide 'Razoof & Emanuel's Lasso Dub' (Pmusia)
8. Chris Coco - Fizz (Unsigned)
9. Bardo State - Mariposa 'Praful's Lovebug Remix' (United Recordings)
10. Monodeluxe - Take To Me (Seamless Recordings)
11. Soulbasics Ft Kyla Sexton - Out Of Time 'Puro Sunset Mix' (Seamless Recordings)
12. Chris Coco - My Beach House (Unsigned)
13. Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez Ft Manchildblack - We Are (Coco Soul)
14. Elegia - To Become 'IZMO's Deep Remix' (Aruba)

Disc: 2
1. Bliss - Wish You Were (Reverb)
2. Kiko Navarro - Sonando contigo Tuccillo Deep Mix (Pacha Recordings)
3. Tone Control Illusion 'The Rurals Mix' (Tone Control)
4. Phury Freaks - All Over The World "Original Mix' (Defected)
5. Julien Jabre - Muselife (Bargrooves)
6. A Xus - Suite Disappointment (Rebirth)
7. soul Oasis Pres. DJN Project - Wheels Of Love 'Nef Nunez Remix' (Cyberjamz)
8. distant People Ft. cahppell - Sounds Of Love ' Edmund Falling In Love Mix' (Seamless Recordings)
9. EWA - The World In My Eyes 'Blacksoul Old School Dub' (Seamless Recordings)
10. Black Coffee - Turn Me On RAW Artistic Soul Vocal Dub (Gogo Music)
11. Jazzloungerz - Obsession 'Vincent Kwok Remix' (Seamless Recordings)
12. Ralf Gum - All This Love For You 'Rocco Spoken Mix' (Gogo Music)
13. Synthcast - 3rd (Deeper Sounds Of Raisani)
Purobeach Vol. 5 2009 (2CD)
Purobeach Vol. 5 2009 (2CD) Sale price€35,00 EUR