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Purobeach Vol.10 2014 (2CD)

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Purobeach Vol. 10

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 2CD...
Uscita: 14/07/2014
Genere: house, deep house
Label: Seamless

Purobeach opened its doors 10 years ago in Palma Mallorca, one of the first and certainly the coolest on the island. Since then the brand has grown to several locations around Europe as far as the Black Sea Coast and the UAE in Dubai.

Purobeach with its hippy chic, Bohemian spirit offers a haven for total relaxation combined with great tunes, drinks and food all enjoyed with the gentle breeze and the sound of the Med lapping at the edges of the mini promontory that Purobeach sits on. With a whole array of events over the course of the summer with resident DJ Sebas Ramis creating the atmosphere with his blend of Nu-Disco and deep house vibes it really doesn't get any better.

There will be a 10th Anniversary celebration in true Puro style with a line up international DJs and performing artists, Crazy P, Stee Downes, Florencio Cruz, Sebas Ramis, Ben Sowton, Boris Cantero, Vik.T, Guri, Cucka, in a journey back in time, showcasing the true essence of Puro along with signature dishes from the last decade.

So for 10 years Seamless have been producing the Purobeach compilations with their resident DJs, Fabian Wetzel, Niko Bellotto, Boris Cantero and now Seba Ramis compiling the second CD with Seamless's Ben Sowton at the helm for the first disc.

Whilst the styles have evolved the vibe of the album hasn't still giving a taste of the relaxing day time vide to the more up-tempo evenings.


CD1 Compiled and mixed by Ben Sowton

1. Burudu - Sun Theory (Original Mix)
2. Carlos Cervilla - Midday Sun (Original Mix)
3. James Bright - Stay With Me Feat Alexandra Hamnede (Original Mix)
4. 9inCommon - Action & Reaction (90's Remix)
5. James Welsh - Nowt (Ron Basejam Remix)
6. Jon Kennedy - Airforce One (Lopez Undercover 83 Remix)
7. James Bright - Lighthouse (Original Mix)
8. Chris Coco - St James Grove (Original Mix)
9. Vincenzo & Language - Merry Go Round (Original Mix)
10. Jazzloungers - Hold On (Rafael Yapudjian Reprise Mix)
11. Angel Johnson ft Tammy Cartwright - Lovers Heaven (Love Cherub Remix)
12. Mikael Delta - Staunch Hearts (Original Mix)
13. Minus Blue - Don't Give Your Love Away (Stoned by Klangstein Mix)

CD2 Compiled & mixed by Sebas Ramis

1. Wiki & Oneplus - Rise to the Surface (Original mix)
2. Bruno Be, Eddie M - 2nd Floor (Original Mix)
3. Corduroy Mavericks feat. Sara Z - Need Allove That Sound (Original Mix)
4. Max Lyazgin, Hot Sand - Soul Ties (Jamie Antonelli Remix)
5. Campaner - Too hot Feat. Victoria Maldi (Sebas Ramis Purobeach dmx)
6.James Fox, Vanity Jay - Holding On (NYC Mix)
7. Phonique, Erlend Oye - Casualities (Antonio Eudi & Bruno Be Remix)
8. Soul Button - In My Stride feat. Stee Downes (Original Mix)
9. Vincenzo, Minako - Junebug (Vocal Mix)
10. David Kassi - Things You Do (Original Mix)
11. Jay West - Without Your Love (Pammin Remix)
12. Max Lyazgin - Happy Days (Satin Jackets Remix)
13. Soy Mustafa - Return Of The Anunnaki (John Tejada Remix)