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Hotel Costes Vol. 2 1999 (1CD)

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Hotel Costes, Vol. 2 La Suite

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 1CD..mixed by Stéphane Pompougnac
Uscita: 23 Settembre 1999
Genere: lounge
Label: Pschent

An eclectic collection of jazz-styled funk with a dash of cocktail lounge marks Costes La Suite as another standout by France's Stephane Pompougnac. And the resident DJ of the famous Hotel Costes certainly knows his stuff, mixing up more funky, uplifting house that powers these predominantly English-sung tracks.

The funk-filled beats of Lovetronic's "You Are Love" is a standout, while "Carnaval de Sao Vicente," sung by Cesaria Evora, is a mood-setting piece worthy of any '70s-styled B-grade film. Occasionally the album careers towards the cheesy end of lounge, as in "Symphatique," but, otherwise, there's nary a low point.

An eclectic mix which maintains a steady groove, Pompougnac continues to find a much sought after balance: music that stands out in its own right and yet makes the perfect backdrop while entertaining friends. Just like at the Hotel Costes, really.

Hotel Costes Vol. 2 1999 (1CD)
Hotel Costes Vol. 2 1999 (1CD) Sale price€33,00 EUR