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Hed Kandi Twisted Disco 01.03 2003 (2CD) Rare

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Hed Kandi: Twisted Disco 01.03

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 2CD... UNMIXED HEDK030
Uscita: 04/03/2003
Genere: Electronic
Stile: Progressive House, House, Garage House

The consistency of excellence that Hed Kandi has maintained with their compilations is astounding.

Disc 1 is a little funky and the tracks that really stand out for me are "Call That Love" from X-Press 2 (these guys always do a bang-up job) and Bini & Martini's "Say Yes" - which is a gospel number over a progessive background (and interesting and effective combination). My favorite track off of Disc 1 is Gene Williams' "Strawberries (Baby Girl)". This is probably because a Garage-House DJ could get away with playing this track, but it's not too soulful or deep.

Another one of my favorite's is Kurtis Mantronik presents Chamonix 77 Strings. This is probably because I'm always a sucker for any track that have a disco sample in it (if it's with disco strings - like this one is, that's even better). And then there is Cassius' "The Sound of Violence". This track is the perfect bridge toward Disc 2 which is definitely more progressive and twisted than the first. The refrain of this track is what really gets me going.

Disc 2 starts out with Dirty Vegas' "Day Go By". This progressive number with the heavy bassline and robotic voice is simply hypnotic. It's good to finally get this track after seeing it over and over again in a car commercial here in the US. Eclipse's remake of Sneaker Pimps' "Take Me Down (6 Underground) is also another standout also (although I miss the unique voice of the original singer of this song).

However, Eddie Amador's "Psycho X Girlfriend" and Andrea Doria's "Bucci Bag" are both amusing and light-hearted tracks that rock at the same time. The phrases "She needs help" from "Psycho X Girlfriend" and "I've got my Bucci Bag and I'm ready to rock!" with definitely stay with you.

So, for those of you who love progressive house, you can't go wrong with this CD. This is a very strong compilation that also include popular tracks like "The Beat Goes On" from Bob Sinclar, "Shiny Disco Balls" by Who Da Funk and "Changes" from Sandy Rivera (another one of my favorites).

Hed Kandi Twisted Disco 01.03  2003 (2CD) Rare
Hed Kandi Twisted Disco 01.03 2003 (2CD) Rare Sale price€24,00 EUR Regular price€28,00 EUR