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Buddha Bar Vol.13 - 2011 (2CD)

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Buddha Bar XIII (By Ravin & David Visan)

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: Ravin & Visan
Uscita: 24/05/2011
Genere: Chillout / Ambient / Downtempo / Lounge
Label: Wagram Music / George V Records

The Buddha Bar success story goes on !

After 12 volumes already, Buddha bar Djs kept on travelling the world searching for the next hit, the next artist that deserves to be called one, pushing their limits making us dream and travel.

Mystery, magic & luck perfectly define this new opus.

Lucky number?? Indeed. 13 can bring luck & happiness! 13 is believed to bring bad luck in the West and good luck in Asia. This is why 13 is written in Chinese... out of Superstition! The sounds are imbued with this mysterious and magic atmosphere.

Escpape blends with mystery, adding a mystic & thrilling feel. Giving intensity throughout the tracks - George V Records have gone back to basics with this new release that will please all Buddha-Bar lovers.

"Mystic Quest", the first CD, is an invitation to escape and travel withthe tracks from Jojo Effect, Mystic Diversion, Ganga or Florzinho. "Secret Bliss", the second CD, is more mysterious & up-tempo. It takes us to an electronic music world, where trendy bass sounds combine with traditional instruments, offering a moving & eloquent symphony. We can mention Dr Kucho, Volcan Uca, MHD or Parov Stelar for instance. A compilation that will live up to the reputation of the Buddha-Bar music collection.
Buddha Bar Vol.13  - 2011 (2CD)
Buddha Bar Vol.13 - 2011 (2CD) Sale price€38,00 EUR