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Banksy HMV T-Shirt

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The t-shirt is made of 100% combed cotton, 165g, unshrinkable.The shirts in this collection are made with a screen printing process to provide the best print quality.
This original Banksy artwork depicts the famous gramophone and dog symbol of the commercial music vendor HMV, when inspected however, you will see that Banksy has added a bazooka to the dogs armoury! With one of its paws the dog aims it directly at the gramophone cone.

It is said that this piece shows the contrast between the old and young, traditional and modern, outdated and forward thinking - gramophone vs dog!

On the hand, it could be that the gramophone represents the capitalist nature of the modern music industry. Anti-capitalist themes regularly occur in Banksy murals and prints, he often passes comment on how capitalism and large conglomerates are responsible for much of the problems in society.

Entirely in black and white, HMW is a particularly striking piece of art, and was made available in 2003 as an signed edition of 150.

Banksy HMV T-Shirt
Banksy HMV T-Shirt Sale price€30,00 EUR