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Hotel Costes Vol. 4 2001 (1CD)

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Hotel Costes, Vol. 4

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 1CD..mixed by Stéphane Pompougnac
Uscita: 23 Settembre 2001
Genere: lounge
Label: Pschent

The Hotel Costes series continues to compile darkly attractive lounge music for listeners with an ear open to the sounds of percussive drum'n'bass.

Many of Stéphane Pompougnac's picks revolve around the Thievery Corporation sound (Imada, Gotan Project, Dublex Inc.), serrated breakbeats quietly slamming into intelligible jazz and emphasis-free house music. Early on, there's little beating the Method's "I've Got a Cat."

A taut production and cheerful, simplistic female vocals -- the title includes every piece of lyric -- float over what can realistically be described as a slide guitar gurgling salt water. With its adaptable selection, Hotel Costes, Vol. 4 rolls over much of its competition; it's
never too stern and it's compiled with a light, often unmixed touch.

Hotel Costes Vol. 4 2001 (1CD)
Hotel Costes Vol. 4 2001 (1CD) Sale price€23,00 EUR