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Buddha Bar Vol. 9 - 2007 (2CD)

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Buddha Bar IX

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 2 Ravin
Uscita: 10 Giugno 2007
Genere: Lounge, ChillOut, Lo-Fi, Electronic
Label: George V

Placed under the sign of England, in a springtime kind of mood, the new George v Records compilation should yet again get stuck to people’s minds.
Why England? Firstly, it is widely recognized as « the » music country by excellence, but also and more importantly because September 2007 will see the opening of a Buddha-Bar in London, two steps away from the infamous waterloo bridge.

Why springtime? A breathtaking, fresh and sun kissed selection, with surprising titles coming from places like Greece and eastern European countries, but also from Australia, announcing a renewal in the lounge music world.

Buddha-Bar ix should follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, remaining as light and groundbreaking as ever, with exclusive and outstanding tracks that will definitely become genre references. We could mention the amazing title of Koop « Koop island blues », but also Hess is more with « yes boss ». We also have to quote the first compiled production of Ravin…
Fasten your seat belt !


Disc: 1

1. Sospiro - Bardo State
2. Flight BA0247 - Mystic Diversions
3. Sleep - Amanaska
4. Yes Boss - Hess Is More
5. Koop Island Blues
6. Mongolia on the Line - Eccodek
7. Wood Street
8. Heart Beat of Life - Existence
9. Essence of Our Origins - The Lushlife Project
10. Astradeni - Michalis Koumbios
11. Iceflowers - Asheni,
12. I Know Jayne
13. Sunday - Nikonn
14. Fragment Two... the First Picture - Kenneth Bager, Julee Cruise
15. Bugu Jazz - Burhan Ocal

Disc: 2

1. Mrs Daisy May
2. Pila - Cosmic Orient
3. Djinns - Djuma Soundsystem
4. As the Day Breaks - Grant Lee Phillips, Carmen Rizzo
5. Daydream - Massivan
6. Africa - Cirque du Soleil
7. Roots 4 Acid
8. Last Chance - Passion of Percussion
9. Machete - Novalima
10. Chambermaid Swing - Parov Stelar
11. Choban in Space - O.M.F.O.
12. Amor Que Se Baila - Otros Aires
13. Gypsy Majik
14. Loneliness - Blank & Jones
15. Indusufi - Bahramji
16. Karma Busta Rhythm - DJ Ravin