Tempered Glass Mobile Phone Cases iPhone XS


Tempered Glass Mobile Phone Cases iPhone Luminous Series Case + Soft Silicone Bumper [Shock Absorption] for iPhone


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Tempered Glass Mobile Phone Cases iPhone Luminous Series Case + Soft Silicone Bumper [Shock Absorption] for  iPhone XS.

The Night Lights up your Charms
Different during the day and night.
Daytime Night Natural Light Effect After Strong Light Luminous Effect

How to make it shine?
1. Let the phone case pattern absorb light energy under the light.
2. The phone case can be illuminated in the dark, the illumination time is long, and the luminous effect is more durable.

Just the right thin.
Light and thin design, born for the feel

Four-sided edging design, strong anti-fall
Designed to protect the camera from the 0.3 mm height, preventing the lens from rubbing and scratching.

Unique structural design
TPU soft rubber and tempered glass perfectly blend
Glass case 9H tempered glass.

HD colour layer.
PC panel.
TPU soft rubber

Real machine test hole accuracy.
Easy access to headphones, data cable does not affect the use of accessories.
Explosion-proof tempered glass + TPU soft plastic frame = multiple protection.

  • During the day, it looks natural light effect, at night a bright effect appears after strong light. Reflective light design for the case. Perfect suit for the iPhone XS.
  • [9H Tempered Glass Back]: Made of 9H Tempered Glass + Soft TPU Frame for Full Protection.
  • [Keep the original beauty of the iPhone X]: imitates the smooth back of the iPhone X and offers you excellent grip.
  • [Scratch Resistant]: 9H tempered glass plate is tough enough to withstand the scratches of everyday life.
  • [Shock resistant]: Soft corner material can absorb shocks better.  



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